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Many small business owners feel intimidated when they are pitched with SEO services. And why not? It sounds like something that only big businesses have the resources for.

However, SEO is actually a powerful tool that can be made simple and affordable even for small businesses. In case you haven’t heard of success stories, SEO can boost sales up to a level where you no longer have to look for leads–they just keep coming.

Sounds promising, right? Here are 4 benefits you can expect when you start investing in SEO.

#1. Better Search Engine Ranking

This is a no-brainer. The direct result of investing in SEO is a higher search engine ranking for keywords that are relevant to your business. So if someone looks for a service that your business can offer, say “moving service in Dublin”, your website would appear as the 3rd result, instead of 23rd.

“But why should I care?”, you might ask. Think of the last time you Googled a product or service you need–a restaurant, a dentist, or a plumber. Chances are, you went with one of the top search results, or at least something that showed up on page one.

Your customers aren’t any different from you. When they search for something, they want it now. They won’t browse through hundreds of websites just to find the best one. In general, Google users assume that the best one is one of the top search results. And while search rankings do not always reflect reality, customers tend to assume that top Google search results are also the top businesses in terms of market share.

#2. Higher Conversion (a.k.a. More Sales)

Better sales is a direct result of higher search rankings. As you now know, Google users are more likely to click on one of the top search results. SEO can give your business greater visibility to people who are already interested in your products or service–because they are searching it on Google in the first place.

But aside from search rankings, your landing page quality and site speed are also SEO factors. It may sound unnerving, but Google actually tracks how well your visitors are responding to your website. If users seem to respond well to your website–either by proceeding to make a purchase or staying longer to read more of your content–Google takes this as a sign of website quality.

Thus, a good SEO strategy also involves creating a website and landing page that is optimized for conversions. This includes a user-friendly design that makes it easier for users to navigate through or make a purchase and a website that loads fast enough so that users don’t lose their patience and click away.

#3. Brand Awareness and Recognition

A good SEO strategy also involves consistent branding and presence in social media and listing sites. Gone are the days when branding was only reserved for big corporations with at least hundreds of employees. Now, there are tools available for even small businesses and startups to create a consistent brand that customers will recognize in any platform. And because consistent branding has long been a feature of big brands, customers view it as a sign of legitimacy and quality.

Some diligent users go through Yelp and Google Reviews, so being consistently present in these platforms shows them that your business is legitimate. High visibility across platforms makes customers more familiar with your business, and we know from Marketing 101 that customers are more likely to buy brands that they recognize.

#4. Engagement with Your Customers

SEO is not just an online venture that is completely isolated from your business. Because SEO gives your business visibility on the internet, you don’t just get to reach potential customers. Through your website, social media account, or listing profile, you can also reach past customers and recurring ones to get their feedback and suggestions.

Engaging with your customers allows you to see how your business is doing from the perspective of your customers. Through online feedback, you can respond swiftly with complaints and suggestions. You also get to see glowing reviews from satisfied customers firsthand. In general, people trust businesses that are responsive to their concerns, because it shows that the business truly cares about customer satisfaction.

Overall, SEO is a tool that can boost your business’ visibility, performance, customer satisfaction, and bottom-line. It’s a catalyst that can boost every aspect of your business, and its results are not limited to the internet.


5 KEY Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses

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