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With an increasing number of businesses having an online presence it is more difficult than ever to appear in a prominent position in Google’s results. Thankfully we have developed a process that both meets Google’s guidelines and gets results without running the possibility of a penalty from Google. We use only ‘white hat’ techniques – ie those that are permitted by Google.

We have the most comprehensive SEO software at our disposal. This allows us a detailed insight into the market you are competing in and from here we can develop a comprehensive marketing plan. Not only does this software assist with the initial SEO marketing plan for Local businesses in Ireland, it also allows for comprehensive reporting so you can see the progress you are making each month.

Firstly we take a look at the competitiveness of your niche and take stock of you competition with detailed analysis of what the higher ranking SERP’s are doing. Once we have established what is working for the competition and we have done a website audit on your site we can then decide how we can beat them.

Each of our monthly plans has a number of keywords 10, 20 or 30 – depending on the SEO package you decide to choose. Keywords are the words or search terms people type into Google when looking for a product or service – eg Plumber Dublin or Solicitor in Cork etc. We choose these keywords with our clients using keyword planning software and we usually recommend a mixture of competitive and long tail keywords. We believe it is better to concentrate on a certain ‘set’ of keywords rather than trying to rank for each and every keyword related to your industry – it is simply not focused enough to do so.

These keywords are then tracked throughout the course of the marketing programme. As our client you get regular updates with reporting which is completely transparent – you get to see the same monthly seo reports we are looking at. You will also see an increase in the number of emails being received and the increased frequency of phone calls to your business.

Site Optimisation for Local SEO 

The majority of people that approach us have websites that are under optimised. Often time little thought has gone into content and site structure. Many are too slow or have left out the fundamentals of optimising a website. Our Irish SEO Experts will rewrite your content to make it more search engine friendly with the correct page structure and internal linking.

We have 3 different Search Engine Optimisation Service packages with monthly SEO Pricing to suit most budgets.

The size of your market or niche and potential pick up in business will somewhat extent dictate what you should consider spending to be in the running. Are you competitors using an SEO Agency to help them in their efforts? What is your current position for the relevant search terms? All of this needs to be taken into consideration and we wold be plesed to discuss with you in more detail.

SEO Contracts

We don’t require them. However, we do recommend a commitment of approximately six months as this has, in our experience, been the required time-frame to get a website to Google page 1 for the set of agreed keywords. Given that 75% of searchers never go past the first page.Our aim is always to have clients on the first page.

Almost all of our client websites will see an increase in rankings and traffic with the first 2 to 3 months. However this does not always mean an increase in converting traffic as the rankings could be coming from page 10 of the search results to page 2 or 3 of the results.

If your niche is particularly competitive and your digital marketing budget allows, we can of course of course tailor a plan with additional resources. The monthly SEO packages displayed are for guidance purposes.

Get more details on our monthly SEO PRICING here.

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