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The digital marketing world is filled with jargon that might turn off some people off, and PPC is one of them. In this article, we will explain what PPC is, and why it can be one of the biggest drivers of growth for your local business.

What is PPC?

PPC is a shorthand for pay-per-click, a mode of online marketing where advertisers pay each time a visitor clicks on their ad. In simple terms, it’s a way of buying visitors to your site almost immediately, instead of earning them organically through SEO over a longer period of time.

One of the most popular types of PPC is search engine advertising. This model of PPC allows advertisers to bid for keywords that are related to their business, so that when a person searches for that keyword, their ad will appear among the search results. For instance, if you own a pizza place in Dublin, you can bid on the keyword, “best pizza place in Dublin.” Then, your advertisement could appear as a search result (SERP) whenever someone searches for the best pizza place in Dublin.

In terms of organic SEO, search engines tend to rank websites that it deems reputable. That usually means more citations, high-quality content, and visitors who stay and browse the whole thing. All of which can take a lot of time and effort. PPC allows your website to bypass these obstacles, and get to page one the following day without writing thousands words of content, building links and gathering customers reviews.

However, you still have to know how it works, and which keywords to bid for. Otherwise, you are either bidding for keywords that nobody searches for, or you’re bidding for keywords that are so common, your ad will be drowned out by advertisers who can pay more.

PPC advertising can yield a huge return on investment–if done correctly. You only pay when someone clicks on your add which brings them directly to your website. That one click could end up in a €300 sale. Not bad, right? But to get excellent results, you must first ensure that you have all the right elements to make your PPC campaign work: researching and choosing the right keywords, creating an organised and targeted campaign, and designing a landing page that converts visitors into customers.

What are Google Ads?

Google’s advertising platform, Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), is the biggest and most popular PPC advertising platform in the world. Google Ads allows advertisers to post links to their website that show up as search results on Google.

Google Ads uses the pay-per-click system, wherein advertisers bid on their chosen keywords, and only pay whenever a user clicks on their ad. Each time a person makes a search, Google digs into the pool of bids and choose a set of “winners” that will show up on the search results page. The factors involved in choosing the winners include the relevance of their keywords to their website, the quality of their ad campaigns, and the size of the actual bid.

Google also has its system of ranking advertisers called the Ad Rank. It is derived by multiplying two factors: the CPC Bid, and the Quality Score. CPC Bid is simply the highest amount the advertiser is willing to bid for a keyword. The Quality Score is a little more complex, taking into account your website’s click-through rate, relevance to the keyword, and the quality of your landing page design. This system allows advertisers to see which keywords will give them the greatest return on investment for their budget.

Also having a compelling and relevant headline in your ad copy can persuade those searching to choose your advertisement over the others. As part of our adwords management service in Ireland we test different add copy over time and A B test to improve until we have your ppc ads converting at a high level.

Launching Your PPC Campaign

Keyword research is one of the first steps to get started with PPC. It can be time-consuming, but a good set of keywords is the foundation of an effective PPC campaign. Keyword research is also a continuous process, and good advertisers continuously refine their keyword list in order to adapt to what users are searching.

After launching your campaign, you should continue to look into ways to optimise your return on investment. You can review your keyword list by either adding low-cost, high-volume search terms, or removing costly bids that continue to under-perform. Your return on investment also has something to do with the quality of your landing page, so you should also review the design and copy.

Launching your own PPC campaign can sound intimidating, but it can be one of the best decisions you can make to grow your business. If you are looking for a PPC adwords management service located in Dublin please contact us to discuss.


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